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iC Plaque™ Plaque Indicating Swab Applicators

iC Plaque™ Plaque Indicating Swab Applicators allow you to use a swab to "paint" the animals tooth surface and disclose residual plaque without all the mess of the old liquids!
Plaque is the Cause of Periodontal Disease. Use the iC Plaque™ Swab Applicator WITH NO ¡¥MESS¡¦ IN THE EXAM ROOM!
iM3 - SVD (Selling Veterinary Dentistry) By Demonstrating

Plaque is an INVISIBLE germ-filled layer until it is stained quickly and easily using the individually packaged iC Plaque™ Swabs. Simply snap the tube and remove the swab.Roll it gently across the teeth at the gum edge.The plaque stains pink and the client can easily see the germ-filled layer on the teeth, the first visible sign of periodontal disease.The very first sign is BAD BREATH!


The germs in the plaque directly affect the HEART, Kidneys and Organ Systems. PROTECT THE PET from periodontal disease by using the iC Plaque™ Swabs to show the owner the presence of plaque and schedule the dental!

100 Swabs per box. Easy to open single applicator, neatly disclose residual plaque without the mess!
  • Dab swab applicator along teeth and gums
  • Observe highlighted areas