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Reduce your clipping time by half....


The iM3 Double K is the choice of most Groomers and Veterinarians, it will pay for itself with the time it saves and the reduction in burnt out small animal clippers.
Why? Because it runs a 1,000 revs faster than an Oster clipper and will breeze through a matted coat or a tick dog. The hand piece does not get hot and has more power than any other clipper (1/2 HP motor). Blades will last longer and you use your current blades. It's quiet and won't frighten animals.

Motor, hand piece and 5ft cable (D8970)

Motor, hand piece and 7ft cable (D9000)

The 7ft cable allows animals to be clipped on the floor.

Any length cable available as we build them!

The Double K is built in Australia by iM3 using a 1/2hp motor designed for our voltage and cycles. We carry a full range of parts for prompt service and quick in house repairs which are turned around the same day.

This is a Teflon lubricant recommended for the higher speed of the blades on the Double K (also used with our dental hand pieces)