Responsible care of the horse means tailoring nutrition to suit its special needs. Awareness has grown that traditional feeding no longer covers today's requirements. Basic feedstuffs such as hay, oats, pasture and even mare's milk, no longer meet the actual daily requirements to keep a horse in good health, ensure its best possible development and enhance achievement in breeding and sport.
Equistro is a sophisticated range of equine nutritional supplements and care products developed by German company... EQUISTRO, to meet the increased physiological and developmental demands on performance horses in today's environment.
Equistro products represent the cutting edge of current research in Veterinary Science, Animal Nutrition and Processing Technology. They are supported with continous research and development by the leading authorities in the field. EQUISTRO has spared no expense in looking after your horse's health by developing a system of feed supplements, which allow every foal and horse to be fed, according to its individual requirements.
Equistro supplements are organic, incorporating specifically targeted formulations of the highest biological values, by presenting a comprehensive range of applications to ensure optimum flexibility of response in meeting the various dietary and nutritional needs of the individual horse.
Equistro is recognized worldwide for setting international standards in all Equestrian Olympic disciplines, as well as racing and breeding. Whether you're interested in areas that require performance, or just general maintenance, Equistro is the choice for you. We are also proud to be the first foreign feed supplement registered in The People's Republic of China.
Equistro has been the official supplier of the German Olympic Committee (D.O.K.R) since 1987. The products are used wolrldwide in all areas of equine care by trainers, racing facilities, breeders, trotters, pleasure horses, Royal Families and stud farms. For over 20 years Equistro has been committed to developing products to enhance and improve Equine Nutrition.