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The soft tissue kit comes complete with a Diamond Disc Safety Shield and Diamond Disc, Soft Tissue Protector and extra long Diamond Bur designed by iM3. The Kit is designed to be used 0n a 1:1 Straight Nose Cone on a Low Speed Motor, or a Micromotor.

(1) The Diamond Disc Safety Shield (DDSS) is designed to reduce the amount of disc exposed, as a safety precaution. (Stainless Steel)

(2) The Diamond Disc (DD) is used to reduce the length of the tooth and will also produce a smooth surface on fractured teeth. NOTE Never run the Disc in reverse (anti-clockwise) as the disc will undo from the mandrel and come off.
(3) The Soft Tissue Protector (STP) allows the Diamond Bur to be used on the back Teeth of Rabbits/Rodents and reduces the risk of soft tissue Lacerations, by exposing only the bottom cutting surface of the Bur. (Stainless Steel)
(4) The 60mm long Diamond Bur (DB) is designed to be used to reduce the height of the back teeth of Rabbits and Rodents.
Caution - Exercise great care when using Diamond Discs and Diamond Burs. Always use the appropriate safety equipment.
Soft Tissue Protector and diamond bur pictured on iM3 1:1 Straight Nose Cone and Low Speed Motor