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Unlike other ultrasonic tooth scalers that use a 'jack-hammer' approach to tooth scaling, the 42-12 adopts a more gentle technique with its revolutionary removal of the plaque and calculus through its use of ultra high frequency sound, in much the same way as an ultrasonic water bath instrument cleaner. (The same way a jeweler cleans jewelry) The unique rotational tip movement removes the loosened plaque and calculus.

Features & Benefits

The 42-12 rapidly removes heavy calculus deposits from all tooth surfaces and is safe to use in periodontal pockets up to 13mm deep. The 42-12 achieves a highly polished finish on the tooth with less enamel damage by using an exceptionally high ultrasonic frequency of 42,00OHz, coupled with extremely low amplitude of the titanium tip. The ultrasonic sound will shatter the capsule around bacteria and viruses within 1-2mm of the tip. (Very important in deep sub gingival pockets) When used with CLS it will also help reduce FIV and FELV and leave the mouth with a fresh smell. Your staff and clients will notice and appreciate the animal¡¦s new fresh breath. The power is controlled by a on-off switch on the Handpiece eliminating messy foot pedals. The 42-12 is available in Red or Blue and comes standard with a Universal and Periostal Tip, New Rod Remover?and spare Ferrite Rod.


Here are some more reasons leading veterinary dentists prefer to use the 42-12:


More power than other units. (42,000Hz). Scales in half the time of other ultrasonic scalers with little or no enamel damage and scales gingival pockets up to depths of 13mm safely.

Light Weight handpiece with finger on/off power control

right where you need it, eliminating troublesome foot pedals and cables on the floor.

The 42-12 offers the user flexibility, with its light weight small foot print (14x17cm, 51/2''x 7'') and the fact that it is not "built in" to a dental base allows the user to move it to a seperate work station with a hand pump water bottle.?iM3 can sell you a patch kit for a non iM3 dental machines to allow the 42-12 to use the water reserviour of your existing unit. Note: all iM3 air driven dental machines have ultrasonic water outlets fitted.

Unlike other ultrasonic scalers, each 42-12 tip is equally effective on all sides which means real cost savings due to faster scaling times literally half the time, it¡¦s like painting the teeth with a paint brush without pressure and with as much of the tip shaft on the tooth as possible.


Doesn't vibrate or generate excessive heat like other ultrasonic scalers. (Try holding your current scaler tip in your fingers, careful you will get a burn) Imagine what this does to the tissue, and of course less heat means safer scaling with less water.

Autoclavable handpiece and tips.

Perio Titanium Tip pictured with ferrite rod.


Universal Titanium Tip pictured with ferrite rod (shorter point/Tip)


The circular tip movement of 0.02mm is gentle and ensures reduced bleeding.

Thin scaling titanium tips offer greater flexibility. 11 different tip types available,

Little or no enamel damage as the tip is totally round and operates in a circular motion unlike the jack hammer of other ultrasonic scalers.

Easier, quicker, and more effective than hand instruments. Compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed, When you use one the benefits are obvious!
Plug the 42-12 water line straight into the ultrasonic coolant outlet off any iM3 air driven dental unit, eliminating pump up water tanks.
42-12 pictured on top of iM3?PRO 2000 ULTRA

Used by the foremost Veterinary Dental experts and Teachers throughout the world, why? Because its technologically superior. Designed and manufactured by iM3 and exported world wide.